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Internet Of Everythink!

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Q So how do we rethink and reimagine IoT?

IoT is a super set of many technologies and subset of technologies. Even a partial/minimal deployment of IoT touches and permeates across several assets, and into the lives of people using those assets and their lifestyle. It’s a very powerful, ubiquitous and intelligent tool in the hands of engineers.

We can’t think of IoT as simply connecting devices anymore and hoping users will be taken in by it. Are we creating a better product which has spatial dimension that gives a great experience and meaningful value creation? How is this product being distributed and is the distribution evenly empowering larger sections of society? Users will be engaging with these devices, so what would be the role of users in this is a question we have to ask. What happens to the physical world that exists parallel to the virtual network of IoT devices? All these questions call for a different architectural design and modelling paradigm. And at t4U where I am VP – Engineering, we have been asking these questions for quite some time and building an inclusive, intelligent and wise IoT ecosystem for government bodies, enterprises as well as consumers.

We like to call our IoT as Internet of Everythink. It is a thinking ecosystem where we look at everything from a larger holistic imagination; we conceptualise new digital experiences where machine-to-human communication is interactive, meaningful and intuitive. It is a non-linear, ever growing model, a self-sustaining ecosystem that wisely utilises the maturing IoT technology of devices, cloud, BI and infrastructure.

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The architecture of our Internet of Everythink ecosystem is inspired by nature:

  1. The natural growth from bottom to top – our customers start from the base of pyramid IoT users like auto drivers, cab drivers, truck drivers, door-to-door service providers, right to the very top of pyramid IoT users like government bodies and corporates. It is a very egalitarian approach with a wide and diverse customer base.
  2. Connection of networks: Our LTSP (local t4u service provider) model is a highly localised, effective network of local t4u entrepreneurs who execute projects and delivers on the ground, however remote the area or context. It is a penetrative model that keeps a ear to the ground and makes our solutions real, relevant and cutting-edge.
  3. Infinite Possibility: Since our ecosystem is built using our experiences on the ground and our real-world interactions with people who become our consumers, we have discovered new markets that would have been otherwise unimaginable.

The connectivity in our Internet of Everythink is built wisely – it takes into account the complexities and varied contexts of users, devices, and market places to create transparent, simple and reliable digital experiences.

Q What are the exciting Internet of Everythink experiences you are building with your team?

A We are building innovations in different IoT technology domains – BI capability, edge computing, fog network, middleware, GIS (geographic information system), cloud computing, etc. Our aim is to bring solutions to customers on time, in budget, with quality. We have a young, passionate team working with us. Our most exciting challenge is that many of our customers are not pure IT customers. We have been working in sectors of the economy that have the lowest IT intensity – mining, transportation and logistics, public distribution system, dairy industry etc. These are the sectors that experts have said IoT would transform. Well, we have been quietly doing that transformation for the past few years at t4u. Putting ourselves in the shoes of these non-IT customers and understanding their requirements have fundamentally shaped our ecosystem approach. This I think acts as the X-factor to our ecosystem and help us deliver Internet of Everythink experiences beyond normal industry comprehension.

The services and values we deliver are driven by a strong sense of commitment to the society we live in. The world is at the cusp of a massive technological revolution as hundreds of billions of intelligent, connected devices will transform the physical world. Homes, industries, cities, offices, schools, colleges etc and everyday objects are being connected to the internet with powerful data analytic capabilities that will transform the way we work, live, and play. At this moment in history, t4u recognises the importance of technology with a social conscience. Our Internet of Everythink is aimed at building a connected future that maximises the benefits of IoT while reducing its risks and making it inclusive.

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