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Easy and intelligent LED bulbs

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You can control these light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs with your mobile phone – and no, we are not talking of complex building-wide lighting solutions. ILumi is a simple LED-based bulb that can be screwed into any common socket. It is available in small, large, white and full-spectrum models, which are supposedly super energy-efficient, will last 20 years, and can be controlled with a simple mobile application. You can schedule the light, alter its brightness of hue, motion-activate it, and more. Founders Corey Egan and Swapnil Bora are waiting to finalise the designs and manufacture the bulbs, which have already won numerous awards this year.


Inside: iLumi’s HyperLux technology allows it to be programmed to display millions of colours and makes it one of the brightest bulbs around. The bulb, which is compatible with normal sockets and power supply, includes Bluetooth; 16-bit, 256 KB flash processor; additional 4 megabit flash memory; real-time lighting control for up to 100 iLumi bulbs; and clock with battery back-up. The control application is simple and intuitive, and can be downloaded and run on Android and iOS devices. Plans to include a software developer kit (SDK), to come up with exciting and innovative ways to program and control the bulb.

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ILumi’s  product range now has an A19 Standard LED Smartbulb , BR30 Flood LED Smartbulb, Outdoor Flood LED Smartbulb and an All New ilumi LED Smartstrip Available on Kickstarter!. they have upgraded their smart phone application and the product can work without a Wi-Fi connection too. The preset lighting experience gives a whole new mode of personalisation that adapts to the body’s natural clock and aligns itself to any mode of light using a scene scheduler. The upgrades also include lights that can align to the music that is being played in the surrounding A simple music sync does the trick here.

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