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A wristband that tracks your life

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Larklife wristband (one for day, one for night) tracks your activity, diet and sleep; analyse the information holistically and provide personalised recommendations to improve your lifestyle. Larklife provides context-aware advice – for e.g., if you did not get enough sleep in the night, it will suggest that you take a protein-rich breakfast to ensure enough energy.


Inside: An intelligent triaxial accelerometer inside the wristband helps pick up even micro-movements of the body, while dietary information needs to be fed into the system. Bluetooth Smart helps synchronise this information with an iOS application on your mobile device. A continuous machine learning algorithm analyses your activity and learns about your energy patterns. The techniques are apparently based on the science of circadian rhythms, or how individuals’ energy levels peak and dip. Lithium-polymer battery provides up to 48 hr. working. Other components include micro-USB connector, single-button activity, vibration motor, clock, and snazzy LED lights to grab your attention.

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A better way to a fittness and better lifestyle

Larklife is a very good product when u look at today’s market which is filled with tough competitors unlike the year 2012 when it was released. This wristband provides advance notice and real-time suggestions via apps for small changes. Now that factor makes users feel better as they get to know what to be done next without the presence of an paid health expert. Sadly enough Fitbit still retains the top choice because of its awesome form factor, top-notch data collection, and an interactive app on platforms such as Android and IOS. Larklife must be the most cost effective in its segment costing around 99 dollars any where across the globe. If you pay more attention this simple wristband snuggles into you jacket without you knowing and doesn’t burn a whole in your pocket too. Now the time for smart watches are at dawn. Time will tell what will happen to these humble wristbands in future.

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