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HPE optimistic about its Universal IoT platform, ICCC

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HPE has recently inaugurated its Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Haryana. Some of the key smart city solutions showcased includes Solid Waste Management and Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) besides eHealth, public Wi-Fi and city surveillance.

Solid waste management critical for any city administration involves ensuring optimized utilization of manpower and equipment. This is very much in line with the government’s initiative of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. HPE’s solid waste management solutions are capable of managing and monitoring (tracking) the sanitation workers and equipment such as mapping the route for the garbage trucks.

Like any HPE smart solutions, ICCC is based on the HPE Universal IoT Platform. It provides agnostic support for smart ecosystems along with strategic partners. With ICCC, governments or city administrations can remotely manage and control various IoT services via a single platform.

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The city’s water supply and management of water waste is detected by keeping a check on the water pressure, temperature and leaks. Smart lighting refers to the art of identifying broken lighting equipment without involving human interference. To control the traffic flow, commuters will be informed about the status of public transport well in advance by using the method of digital signage. HPE defines intelligent parking solutions as the one which provides real-time parking availability information and turns on the light only when required.

For buildings, electricity usage is enhanced via motion sensor lights and alerts are generated in case there is a leakage in the pipes by using smart meters. For monitoring the energy use of an energy meter, alerts are generated as soon as the meter ticks a certain threshold. The IoT solutions for industries involves proper tracking of transport and logistic flows between industries. Adding to the smart world concept, HPE has also introduced “Smart Farming” which aims at proper utilization of water and irrigation with the help of weather forecasting and farm data.

In the past, we saw that Bhopal Smart City Development Corporation Limited had selected the HPE’s Universal IoT Platform to create India’s first cloud-based ICCC which helped them run city command center operations across different cities of Madhya Pradesh.

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