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Global Modem Platform Fosters The Boom of Connected Cars

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Today, NXP is simplifying the connected car landscape with a new single-chip modem that enables automakers to install V2X communication capabilities with the same hardware in the US, Europe or Japan. A significant milestone in the development of neuromorphic computing is a new FPGA-based Accelerator board to recognize objects more speedily in video surveillance systems. Finally, Rohde & Schwarz adds 5GHz bandwidth option for analysers to meet the fast-growing demands for analysing wideband components and systems

Global Modem Chip For V2X

NXP has rolled out a new single-chip modem, SAF5400, for automakers to install V2X communication capabilities, enabling vehicles to “talk” to each other and to roadside infrastructure. The chip is a global platform solution which can be used to install V2X with the same hardware in the US, Europe or Japan. So, vehicle engineers would only need to change the software configuration for each region. The DSRC/802.11p version of V2X is claimed to deliver minimum latency for real-time communication and an operating range that exceeds 1 mile even in areas where cellular network connections are not available.Read more.

FPGA-based Accelerator board Speeds Objection Recognition In AI Software

BrainChip has launched the BrainChip Accelerator, an eight-lane, PCI-Express add-in card that uses spiking neural networks rather than convolutional neural networks (CNNs) to simultaneously process 16 channels of video in a variety of video formats. The BrainChip Accelerator increases the speed and accuracy of the object recognition function of BrainChip Studio artificial intelligence software for object recognition by up to six times. BrainChip says the card excels at recognizing objects in low-light, low-resolution, and noisy environments. Ideal for law enforcement and intelligence organizations, BrainChip Studio software rapidly identifies objects in large amounts of archived or live streaming video. Processing multiple video streams simultaneously, the accelerator add-in card enables users to search increasing amounts of video faster, with a higher probability of object recognition and lower total cost of ownership. Read more

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5GHz Bandwidth Option Added To Signal Analysers

The R&S FSW85 signal and spectrum analyser from Rohde & Schwarz now provides 5GHz analysis bandwidth, which is required for analysing wideband signals such as automotive radar FMCW chirp signals, IEEE 802.11ay signals and 5G waveform candidates. Read more.







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