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Five Plug and Play IoT Devices For Your Smarthome

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IoT devices open up billions of possibilities in the creation of intelligent technology that can change the world as we know it. This article takes a look at a few of them for us to analyse the various aspects that helps us realize that the future is here.

Philips Hue Tap


The “smart” switch from Philips is used to control an existing array of hue devices. Completely powered by kinetic energy the switch is virtually inexhaustible source of energy and all of it at its disposal. This cord free device is easily mountable and can be installed on to the smartphone with ease.

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The Hue tap takes away one of the major problems with smart devices by completely automating it. It is not required to manually access the smartphone to activate any feature on the product. It provides you with an easily accessible location to activate your smart devices.

Philips Hue tap comes with 4 buttons, each of which can be configured separately. The device is bit overpriced considering the fact that it’s basically a light switch all at $60.

The Pros

  • Quick installation
  • Kinetic energy powered
  • Portable
  • Smooth operation

The Cons

  • Slightly overpriced

 Raumfeld One S


The one S is an entry level speaker that can run Wi-Fi and Ethernet. However, Bluetooth capabilities are missing from this device. The One S helps the user connects directly to a USB port too. Targeted at audiophiles, the speaker supports high resolution sounds of upto 24bit/192 kHz. New software updates have made installation of this device very efficient on Android and iOS devices.

Quality wise, the sound reproduction is quite impressive. The bass reproduction is powerful and is comparable to the sound reproduction of a larger speaker.

The One S is moisture resistant and can be used in bathrooms and anywhere you can possibly take it. A three panel layout app controls the device, which includes volume, playlist and equaliser controls. Priced at $249.00 it is of the cheapest IoT audio device in the market.

The Pros

  • Moisture resistant
  • Compact
  • Phenomenal bass response

The Cons

  • Limited support from streaming services
  • Lack of battery support limits portability


Withings Smart Body Analyzer

3This Wi-Fi enabled scale can measure more than just weight.  It measures your body fat percentage; body mass Index, heart rate and the room temperature. Up to eight users can use the same device with private updates for each individual. The web interface gives abundant amount of information including the latest update includes a weather forecast and step count measurements. A comprehensive health tool for leading a healthy lifestyle at a nominal price of $149.

The Pros

  • Tracks body mass index
  • Tracks body fat percentage
  • Tracks heart rate
  • Measures air quality
  • Can have eight users in synch per device
  • Weather forecast
  • Step count

The Cons

  • Slightly overpriced

Lokitron Bolt

4This is one of the most innovative, crowdfunded IoT devices out there. A keyless lock system that is can be activated by your smartphone. It naturally features the capability to verify whether the door has been locked.  Its extended functionality is that it also sends reminders if at all the door had been unlocked. The lokitron Bolt also has a battery that can last up to one year.

Notification for doorbell rings and knocks is another feature that the device incorporates. The bridge unit that Lokitron bolt can grant access to others users via Bluetooth too. The bridge unit is however an add-on.

The Pros

  • Affordable ($99)
  • Easy to install

The Cons

  • Wifi Bridge is an add on
  • No auto lock feature


Nest Dropcam Pro


Dropcam pro is a live streaming/surveillance camera with a dual- band connectivity (2.4GHz and 5Ghz). The Dropcam pro has 1080p video streaming with a wide stream view of 130 degrees.

Dropcam pro has Cloud video recording(CVR) which allows cloud based, encrypted live video streaming. The videos can be viewed through the dropcam account, free of cost. Added to the fact that the interface is flash-based, guaranteeing support across multiple browsers. The Dropcam pro even has a good night vision recording, owing to its larger sensors.

The Pros

  • Full HD video
  • CVR
  • Good night vision
  • Browser portability
  • Dual band

The Cons

  • Monthly CVR subscription costs
  • No inbuilt Storage

Authored by: Harikrishnan Unnikrishnan

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