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Now Your Voice follows “FollowMeAudio”

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invoxia, innovative company specializing in connected objects for communication, offers a truly revolutionary evolution to Voice Bridge with FollowMeAudio. From now on, users can take the calls received on their landline with their mobile phone and even make calls from anywhere around the world from their landlines, by using their smartphones, without any extra charge. The use cases are infinite!

Voice Bridge is a little box intelligent as well as discreet which, once installed, easily allows the use of existing landlines by smartphones without any additional cost. Its simplicity is almost overwhelming: the Voice Bridge box connects to Wifi and plugs in to the fixed line. Voice Bridge works with a mobile application available on iOS and Android and it can connect up to 5 different mobile phones simultaneously.


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“When we launched the first version of Voice Bridge, our clients were truly enthusiastic to discover the disconcerting ease in which the best of the smartphone could merge with the quality of the landline. With FollowMeAudio, we are going even further by offering a true experience of ubiquity. The professional uses as well as private ones are staggering,” says Sébastien de la Bastie, CEO of invoxia.

Thanks to the new function FollowMeAudio (available only on iOS at the moment), when the user is outside of his home, or his office, he continues to be able to answer phone calls received on his landline, with his smartphone. Even better, he can even make phone calls from his landline using his mobile phone: whether we are expatriates or simply travelling abroad, calling our loved ones becomes extremely simple and at a low cost. An advantage that can benefit even professionals who, from abroad, can make calls while their local number is showing.

The FollowMeAudio function is ideal for secondary residences, and allows to secure the home when absent: it is no longer necessary to manage call transfers, the house can always answer. For professionals, the office stays reachable at all time, even while travelling, and members of the team can intercept all calls from the office, even while roaming about outside.
Moreover, FollowMeAudio simplifies the listening of messages in the voicebox. Thanks to a notification, the user is warned that he has received a voice message on his landline and he can listen to this voice message directly from his mobile phone.

Voice Bridge also allows users to call each other or transfer the calls via the app. Whether it’s used by professionals or individuals, Voice Bridge centralizes communications on the smartphone and becomes an efficient and friendly tool.

For call transfers, the FollowMeAudio function by Voice Bridge is more efficient than other solutions offered by access providers because there is no particular handling to do and the cost of a call doesn’t change.

Voice Bridge is an instant solution to cope with the low coverage in a lot of homes and allows users to intercept or make calls from the smartphone while bringing the landline to their advantage, in cost and quality, weather there are in their own country or abroad.


  • FollowMeAudio function to make and take calls from the landline while using the smartphone, even from abroad (only available on iOS)
  • Allows the use of the existing landline on a smartphone or a tablet
  • Can connect up to 5 mobile devices at the same time
  • Allows an intercom communication between two smartphones without any additional fee
  • Allows calls from mobile phone even with poor cell coverage
  • Integrates the smartphone address book while using the landline
  • Allows conference calls by connecting several smartphones to the same call
  • Compatible with iOS > 7 and Android > 4.2 devices
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