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eVance facility Manager: A Game Changer

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Buildings today are holistic systems that are the cornerstone of your business. Honeywell Notifier fire panel is a part of this technology eco-system managed by facility managers. With multiple data-sources, disparate processes and daily operational challenges, having the information to reduce fire safety risk, maintenance costs and achieve better business outcomes was challenging, until now.

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Honeywell eVance Facility Manager is the first next-generation software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering from Honeywell Security and Fire. eVance Facility Manager is a game-changer that uses cloud-based SaaS technologies to give facility managers greater insight on the health of their fire system and enables better decision making ensuring that the next dollar spent will deliver the most bottom-line impact. It seamlessly integrates with Honeywell Notifier™ fire panels and transforms complex and disparate fire panel data into intuitive visualizations and actionable insights.

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eVance Facility Manager will change the way facility managers manage the fire systems by presenting both a big picture and granular device-focused data in multiple graphic-driven, easy-to-understand formats. With access to a portfolio of automated digital reports, including fault handling, testing and replacement reports, or custom reports, it provides facility managers with the information to:
• Track fire system effectiveness
• Identify fire safety risks earlier
• Perform predictive maintenance
• Optimize device inventory
• Analyze system performance allowing facility managers to be confident of using the fire system to its fullest potential

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eVance Facility Manager enables facility managers to cultivate greater returns from existing infrastructure investments and promote visibly better business outcomes by reducing risk, reducing maintenance costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

“Honeywell eVance Facility Manager has been developed as an offering for our existing installed base of Honeywell Notifier fire systems as well as a value-add differentiator for our new customers. The powerful combination of Honeywell eVance Facility Manager and the existing Honeywell Notifier fire system will simplify every-day tasks, promote productivity and time-savings,” Atulya Chandra, General Manager, South Asia, Honeywell Security & Fire.

Intuitive Actionable Information to Amplify Your Existing Investment

Actionable Reports
With instant access to a portfolio of automated digital reports, eVance Facility Manager empowers facility managers to manage the fire system with absolute confidence, from the big picture to a granular device-focused approach. Standardized digital reports ensures time saving and easy compliance.

Intuitive Dashboards
Collecting data is important, but transforming the data into meaningful actionable information is crucial to improving the business. eVance Facility Manager provides graphic-driven visualizations of real-time data encouraging proactive fire system management, ensuring that important issues remain top of mind.

Mobile Connectivity
Facility managers are mostly on-the-go, managing conflicting priorities and operational challenges. With the eVance Facility Manager, they can use a smart phone or tablet device for 24/7 remote access promoting productivity and responsiveness.

Increase operational efficiencies and reduce operational costs
With actionable information at their fingertips, eVance Facility Manager empowers facility managers to automate processes, reduce human-error and increase operational efficiencies.

Be confident, reduce risk and promote compliance
With the powerful combination of eVance Facility Manager and the existing Honeywell Notifier fire systems, facility managers can be confident that their facility is well protected with a compliant and robust fire system, reducing risk, protecting people and promoting business continuity.


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