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“The current protocols of the cyber industry are destined to fail”

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Christopher Murphy, Founder, Innovator and Visionary at Cyber Safety Harbor, Florida, USA

The wonder of the multi-dimensional Internet created in 2006 is that most of the cyber attacks currently underway would not and will not function in the multi-dimensional Internet. What is sad is that most of the breaches since 2006 were preventable.

I am going to take you on a trip down the rabbit hole. My goal is to show you the wonders created by the multi-dimensional aspects of the Internet. To start, the World Wide Web is nothing more than a series of cables, switches, routers, etc; the WWW is basically hardware. The Internet is the environment that was created by this network of hardware, and browsers made interaction within this environment user-friendly.

The Cyber-industry story

Today most interaction with the Internet is through browsers. Shopping, education and other data interaction are made possible through protocols that allow browsers to navigate the WWW. For all practical purposes, this is the Browser-Dimension on the WWW. However, the World Wide Web is NOT limited to one dimension.

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The Browser-Dimension’s protocols became the method through which the vast majority of interaction on the Internet takes place. The wonderful universe of data access the Browser-Dimension created in a few decades, exploded to 6.4 billion devices with a browser and connectivity.

Websites began as informational sites, then marketing tools. In time, some brilliant individual realized that while someone is visiting a website, goods could be sold. Thus retail entered the Browser-Dimension. Next, organizations saw the convenience the WWW provided and started moving secure portals to public websites. 

Placing “Secure” data into the Browser-Dimension was, is and will continue to be a mistake. In 11 years, breaches went from one, AOL, in the history of the WWW, to 1 every 9 minutes today. The tech industry has fought a gallant but losing battle; failure was assured when the Internet and the Browser-Dimension were treated as the same thing. This mistaken assumption has placed critical data infrastructure at risk with little hope of keeping it safe.

The Browser-Dimension cyber solutions, including two-factor and multi-factor authentication, have failed. PKI has failed. Facebook has eliminated the possibility of using facial recognition and a photo of a finger eliminated fingerprints as a security factor. What is worse is that every other applied solution and/or patch, has failed. The current protocols of the cyber industry are destined to fail because of the uncontrolled nature of the Browser-Dimension itself.

In effect, the Browser-Dimension is like a party line in the early days of the telephone system. A conversation is secure so long as no one is listening. But anyone could pick up on the party line and listen to a conversation at any time.

To extend the telephone analogy, Cyber Safety Harbor’s solution imagines that each dimension in a multi-dimensional Internet has a unique phone number associated with it. Dial the number and a secure connection is made over the same hardware as the Browser-Dimension and yet is completely independent.

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