“The current protocols of the cyber industry are destined to fail”


The CyberIDs

Now that you are this far, let’s go one step further: imagine an access method unique to each Internet-dimension (CyberID community), coming into existence only when in use. Each dimension is only available to members with CyberIDs. This methodology eliminates outside, unknown, sources from introducing content into a private Internet-Dimension. Ransomware is prevented from entering into a secure Internet-Dimension. Phishing attacks become virtually impossible. Denial of service requires public access and in a multi-dimensional Internet, public access is limited to the Browser-Dimension.

Imagine an infinite number of Internet-dimensions that an individual can log into, from anywhere, on any device. Our SecureAxcess technology provides this. Each organization stores its own “secure data” in their own Internet-Dimension wherein they communicate securely.

Let’s use the example of creating a Social Security CyberID. The numbers of applications that can be secured are astounding within the government with just one deployment in the right place. Just by requiring a Social Security CyberID to file for a tax refund would disrupt the $21 billion in fraud projected for this year alone. For perspective, the savings from IRS fraud prevention alone pays for the service across the Government. Any government program that requires an ID can use a Social Security CyberID. The number of places “Secure” Social Security Cards can be put to use is limited only by your imagination and the vast array of government agencies requiring ID cards.

Don’t get too excited!

Lack of understanding caused the cyber crisis in the first place and the failure to see the forest through the trees, has kept the cyber industry wandering from one failure to another.

There are innumerable nuances to the wondrous multi-dimensional Internet. The paradigm shift created by deploying a CyberID community that takes control of its attack surface, increases an organization’s security position exponentially. But, cyber security is just touching on the possibilities that a multi-dimensional Internet creates.

This simple premise is the heart of SecureAxcess technology and CyberID Communities. Each community is its own dimension, and only “Known Users” can access the community’s private Internet-dimension with a portal that comes into existence only when in use. This is what a “Secure Protocol” is about, limiting access to only Known Authorized Individuals.