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Converged Infrastructure Aids Technological Convergence

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Mr. Rajesh Ramnani, Regional Director at VCE highlights and explains the converged infrastructure technology and how it provides a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that allows your CIOs, IT teams and application admin to focus on innovations and business expansion.

In the digital economy, the race to deliver superior customer experience has disrupted entire industries. From transportation, to healthcare, to retail, the power to reshape economies is just a few clicks away on our smartphones or tablets. Competing with markets and customer expectations that are changing at a rate that dramatically outpaces their delivery systems has become the new normal for business. This disruption is driving enterprise IT to fundamentally transform itself from being an operations arm to becoming the innovation engine.

Organisations across sizes are moving fast towards solutions, which offer easy alignment with the legacy systems and offer security, simplicity flexibility and scalability. IT now needs to think, organize and prioritize radically different. A siloed approach to storage, network, and virtualization, apps, etc., does not work.

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With an ever increasing amount of data, the CIOs today have the dilemma to drive out cost and at the same time innovate new strategic business imperatives and applications. It is important to develop consumer grade mobile apps along with an optimization of investment. Converged infrastructure is the answer to the drastically changing business scenario.

The impact of Converged infrastructure benefits your entire organization

For IT teams – It offers simplicity and flexibility

For CIOs – Reduces time to market and allows smooth digital transformation

For Application admin – Does everything faster with frictionless IT

The fast adoption of converged infrastructure solutions has transformed the IT infrastructure landscape. A converged solution takes servers, storage, network connectivity, and software and combines them into a single, closely integrated solution. Enabling the organizations to quickly and effortlessly deploy infrastructure to address the virtualization needs. When compared to a traditional approach that leverages disparate hardware resources, the complexities of deploying and managing a virtualized infrastructure are copious.

Converged Infrastructure technology is a pre-configured infrastructure that natively integrates compute, storage and virtualization into a single appliance which modernizes the data center with simplified management, improved performance and elastic scalability. The pre-integrated, validated and workload-optimized technology allows your IT team to focus on delivering IT services instead of maintaining infrastructure. It provides a flexible, fast, cost-effective new model that frees your organization to focus on business-building initiatives, and speed to market.


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