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Connecting Machinery Through New IIoT Platform Is A Child’s Play

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Connecting Machinery Through New IIoT Platform Is A Child’s Play

Pronounced like the word “toy”, a new IIoT platform from Thyssenkrupp makes linking heterogeneous machines to existing IT structures “child’s play”. The platform can connect machines of different makes and generations — bandsaws and bending machines, mobile objects like cranes and forklifts and even complex production facilities such as slitting and cut to length lines. The platform gathers and analyses data, and you can find the results to many questions just a mouse click away — Which product has been produced when and in what quantities? Which machine needs maintenance? What could be developing into a problem? What additional materials need to be delivered? Read more.

FPGAs Speed Real-time AI In The Cloud

Microsoft has unveiled its new accelerated deep learning platform – Project Brainwave – that promises speedy, real-time AI in the cloud. Microsoft noted: “Real-time AI is becoming increasingly important as cloud infrastructures process live data streams, whether they be search queries, videos, sensor streams, or interactions with users”. Thanks to Intel’s Stratix 10 FPGAs which work as the main hardware accelerator in Brainwave. These devices are ideal for complex AI tasks as they’re received, by handling 39.5 teraflops with less than 1 millisecond of latency. Read more.

Smart City Mission Gets A Boost From New SaaS Offering

As a step towards smarter cities of the future, IIoT software firm mPrest has partnered with Israel Telecom provider Bezeq on a Smart City software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. According to the announcement, the SaaS offering will use mPrest’s monitoring, analytics and control software to integrate a range of functions from video management to smart parking and environmental monitoring to water and waste management. Read more. 

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