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Broadcom Corporation

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Broadcom’s Wireless Internet Connectivity for Embedded Devices (WICED) platform simplifies development and implementation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart in products designed for the IoT.

Broadcom’s WICED family includes:

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  • Bluetooth Smart SoC, BCM20732, connects battery-operated devices like heart rate monitors, pedometers, door locks, lighting, proximity alarms and more.
  • Wi-Fi SoC, BCM4390, integrates Wi-Fi into low-power consumer devices, including sports and fitness, health and wellness and security and automation products. It can also connect simple appliances like slow cookers and lights.
  • WICED Smart Development Kit provides access to Bluetooth Smart SoC plus embedded Wi-Fi, and enables connectivity to battery-operated devices.

Vision of the company with respect to IoT – for the future of the firm and its customers:

Broadcom envisions a widely connected home with wireless monitoring and control of all home appliances, lighting, security, climate control, and consumer health monitoring.  The use of wireless connections to smartphones and tablets as well as the home Wi-Fi network will provide consumers with remote and immediate access to devices in their home to manage energy, usage schedules, efficiency, security, comfort and even personal health management.  All of these devices will depend on secure and easy-to-use, low-power, standards-based connectivity technology like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Smart that provide highly interoperable connections with mobile devices and the home wireless network.


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