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Augmented reality is the new reality

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Q  How is augmented reality achieved using Vuforia and Thingworx platforms?

A Vuforia Studio provides Rapid ‘codeless’ authoring of augmented reality  experiences. Vuforia Studio contains three primary components – Vuforia Experience Service, Vuforia Studio Enterprise and Vuforia View Enterprise. Objects are connected with enterprise system data and external data sources inside of Vuforia Experience Service. Vuforia Experience Service ships with an instance of ThingWorx, making connecting IoT solutions to augmented reality experiences seamless. All the data flowing into Thingworx can seamlessly be leveraged in Vuforia Studio Enterprise where the augmented reality experiences are created. The experiences are then stored inside of Vuforia Enterprise Services and recalled and populated with the correct, contextualized information for each object through visual recognition of the ThingMark via Vuforia View Enterprise.

Q How does Thingworx automate the critical analytics? Please share some technical analogies?

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A Thingworx foundation  provides capabilities at three levels – Core, Connectivity and Edge. Using Connectivity (Connection Servers, Device/Cloud Adapters, Tunneling Servers) and Edge Technology (Edge MicroServer, Edge “Always On” SDK) Thingworx provides capabilities to get data from any kind of source – Sensors, Cloud, Platforms etc. Once the data starts streaming into Thingworx foundation – the core capabilities of Thingworx take over. Using the composer (or development) environment of Thingworx, one can go ahead and create various kinds of analytics. Dashboards (Mashup), Alerts, Events, Services or Subscription which can define the next level of behavior for the system in the eventuality of an event. In addition, Thingworx Analytics provides the machine learning capability which can perform the following key analytics:

This is achieved through:

  • ThingWatcher
    Find anomalies in real time. Observes and Learns the normal state pattern for EVERY reading and then monitors for anomalies on EACH input stream individually.
  • ThingPredictor
    Predict future outcomes. Subscribe your Things to relevant Outcome Based Predictions (time to failure, errors per hour, etc.)
  • ThingOptimizer
    Improve future performance and results. Works in conjunction with ThingWorxML Server to identify the key factors causing a given outcome, and what factors to change and by how much, to improve that outcome.
  • ThingWorxML Server
    Automates or extends your Data Science practice with Predictive Modeling and Prescriptive Analytics. No algorithm expertise required. ML Server Learns from historical performance and uses AI technology to automatically build, validate and maintain Predictive Models that can be used by ThingPredictor and prescriptive instructions that can be used by ThingOptimizer.

Q Future enhancements surrounding this pathbreaking Iot Platform?

A The IoT domain is growing very vast. Majority of the focus of IoT platform is focused on improving IoT experience for customers, More collaboration between ecosystem partners for standardize offering, Security, Stability. PTC is partnering up with major players in the IOT Domain (Hardware/ Edge divides, Gateway provides, Network Providers, Business Systems) so that the IoT platform was work like a platform that can make the development process even more user friendly. This is in addition with the overall functionality improvements being planned on the platform as a product.

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