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Augmented reality is the new reality

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Augmented reality

In this interview,  Mr. Madhan Thiruvenkatachalam, Pre-Sales Senior Director at PTC tells us about Thingworx Platform and how augmented reality can be brought to life at our fingertips in real time.


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Q Interestingly the name Thingworks sounds something close to mobilising physical objects to work in a data oriented environment. In such case  we have come to know that Thingworx has  Axeda and Coldlight as their allies? Could you share some insight on them?

A ThingWorx Foundation enables developers to rapidly connect, create, and deploy breakthrough applications, solutions, and experiences for the smart, connected world. ThingWorx Foundation is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed specifically for the Internet of Things. Thingworx Platform makes Building and Deploying IoT Applications 10X Faster. This is achieved as Thingworx foundation provides pre build capabilities to establish connectivity, manage device cloud and code less mash-up builder to quickly churn out applications. In any IoT Solution development, majority of time is spent on establishing connectivity and with ThingWrox that’s done with minimum effort. Thingworx foundation has certified hundreds of edge devices which could seamlessly connect and communicate with the platform.  There are pre build APIs/ extensions created to be able to communicate with other business systems like ERP, CRM etc. Thingworx is designed to handle data from 3 sources:

  1. Time Series data from the devices
  2. Structured data from the business systems
  3. Unstructured / Social data


Axeda capabilities have been merged with Thingworx family of products. Together with Thingworx, this allows us to provide the most complete application development platform in IOT. Going forward, PTC would be making use of “Thingworx” brand for its IoT solution. Please refer the above mentioned details for more information.


The big data analytics capabilities have been rebranded under Thingworx Analytics. ThingWorx Analytics delivers powerful, operationalized analytics to solutions built on the ThingWorx platform. ThingWorx Analytics enables enterprises to find the true value in their IoT data – to learn from past data, understand and predict the future, and make decisions that will enhance outcomes.

Q How is M2M communication established?

A The Industrial Internet of Things leverages existing technologies in industrial settings – including machine-to-machine communication and automation technologies – and incorporates newer big data and machine learning technologies to enable smart, connected machines. ThingWorx delivers Industrial Connectivity via Kepware’s industry-leading communications platform, the most complete solution for device-to-cloud interoperability. KEPServerEX provides a single source of industrial automation data to multiple applications, allowing users to connect, manage, monitor, and control diverse automation devices and software applications through one intuitive user interface.

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