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An IoT platform for connected device makers

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Tuya, the company founded by former Alibaba employees, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 in Las Vegas, announced the launch of the US version of its IoT platform. Sharing the details company said that Tuya Smart will help companies who fail to launch IoT devices.

This turnkey solution could help manufacturers transform standard products into IoT products within a matter of days. Tuya Smart is a strong application platform that not only works well in itself, but also supports interoperability with other devices.

This platform focuses on speeding up smart device development and ensuring interoperability. It provides the Wi-Fi modules (appropriately certified, of course), the app template and the cloud connectivity that device makers need to get their idea off the ground. It claims to have its side of the device development side ready for mass production in 15 days, something a device developer starting from scratch could never hope to achieve.

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On the app side of things, Tuya will take control of customisation if a device developer wants that, or they can go ahead and do the customisation themselves. Interfaces with platforms like Amazon Echo, Google Home, IFTTT and Google Nest can be built in, and other platforms can be supported as directed.

Tuya’s approach offers U.S. manufacturers a head start in the international market through the use of Tuya’s global platform. Products powered by Tuya can ship to any market and adapt to different countries’ requirements.

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