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Snowa Starts Processing Its Large Data, Which Totals Three Petabytes

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With close to seven million users, Snowa has made significant investments in its technology centre and innovation factory over the past two years, with its IoT centre being one of the more well-established hubs. To support the expanding flow of information generated at Snowa, the centre has made an effort to assemble a team of individuals with a variety of skills and data experts.

The scientists who will optimise the use of big data in many aspects of Snowa’s business include experts in data science, artificial intelligence, and data mining. Large volumes of data, both structured and unstructured, are referred to as “big data” and are involved in an increasing number of activities. The things that organisations can do with this data and that give big data value and credibility, not its size and volume, are what make it significant for enterprises.

By using this framework to collect the facts required for decision-making, strategic and delicate actions can be carried out more precisely. Big data analysis can give us more clarity in our business. This centre is utilising technology to gather information from various data sources in order to create data analysis tools that will help us make better decisions and plan our strategy.

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In addition to lowering expenses and speeding up production, big data analysis can also result in more precise strategy formation. The director of Snowa’s IoT and Big Data Center, Ali Fallahi, explains that while the company has always worked with data, the sheer volume and variety of today’s data gives us several chances to learn more about and anticipate the needs of our customers.

Snowa has demonstrated that it is moving towards a deeper understanding of the environment and the needs of its audience, even though the issue of big data and its processing is not new. In the end, it will be the data that develops the insight of organisations and creates different paths, provided that the method of extracting information and their use is also correctly defined.

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