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IoT Facilitates Fluid Power Problem Solving

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has infiltrated nearly every industry, including fluid power. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables connection between physical items by integrating sensors, software, and processing capabilities to allow data transmission across devices.

Sensors and other required technologies have become less expensive and more capable over time, making IoT increasingly realistic in a variety of applications. According to Prescott, the ability to use so many sensors has changed the game for mobile hydraulic applications. More data may be captured at higher speeds, allowing manufacturers and their customers to acquire better data on machine and component performance.

The cloud-based computations, data distribution, and analytics that these new sensors and other IoT-related technologies enable would tremendously assist manufacturers, especially smaller ones that lack the skills required for oil analysis.

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While part of this functionality has been implemented, Repp claims it has not yet reached its full market potential. Just-in-time repairs will become increasingly widespread as IoT usage rises and users harness its real-time, day-to-day information capabilities, which will assist to improve the efficiency and productivity of numerous activities.

When implementing IoT, it’s critical to make sure that the partners you choose—from gateway manufacturers to cloud providers to the solution itself—are the correct ones for the job. Because it is not a single component that is being produced, but rather a solution that changes and grows over time to continue meeting the customer’s demands, it is critical to have the correct partners.

“The way we look at IoT is it is just another feature inside the tech stack,” says Adam Livesay, co-founder and CRO of Elevāt. “Five or six years ago, IoT was looked at as being the thing that provided the solution to every problem out there, and you could solve everything.”




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