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Battle Motors Chooses T-Mobile For IoT

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T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced that Battle Motors has chosen the Un-carrier as the preferred IoT connection and management provider for thousands of new Battle Motors battery electric trucks rolling off the Ohio assembly line. And, thanks to Battle Motors’ all-new factory-installed RevolutionOS EV software, these trucks are becoming smarter.

The commercial truck industry, like consumer automotive, is quickly adopting EV technology, and Battle Motors is no exception. Their RevolutionOS, which is powered by T-countrywide Mobile’s network, provides drivers and fleet managers with actionable data and information that they can utilise to improve efficiency, safety, and security. T-Mobile for Business will provide 4G LTE connectivity to Battle Motors trucks as part of this long-term agreement, allowing for near real-time sharing of battery range and usage data, historic and near real-time location and trip data, timely preventative maintenance warnings, over-the-air software and firmware updates — as well as the truck’s full bill of materials, including VIN-specific information, parts, and manuals.

Every new Battle Motors class seven and eight “heavy-duty” EV vehicle — such as those used to transport garbage, dirt, and freight — will come with a factory-installed, ruggedized digital instrument cluster running RevolutionOS. Battle Motors’ RevolutionOS will allow customers to monitor and update crucial information immediately from the truck, or remotely from a desktop computer or mobile device, just by scanning a QR code, thanks to the strength and reliability of T-nationwide Mobile’s network.

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T-Mobile Control Center will also allow Battle Motors to monitor and control the connectivity of their trucks. Battle Motors can rapidly speed the deployment of their increasing line of trucks thanks to T-IoT Mobile’s platform’s automation and provisioning features. With T-Mobile Control Center, Battle Motors will have near real-time visibility into all of their commercial trucks, as well as the ability to monitor network conditions and device behaviour.

Battle Motors hopes to use the Un-5G carrier’s network in the near future to solve industrial-sized difficulties for years to come as their trucks’ capabilities grow and connectivity demands rise. T-Mobile is well positioned to realise the full promise of the Internet of Things and accelerate adoption, opening the way for new electric vehicle applications that rely on low-latency, high-speed data, and real-time location and proximity-based services.

“Our primary focus has been on driving technology and innovation that gives our customers value and peace-of-mind when it comes to maintenance, efficiency, safety and compliance,” says Battle Motors CSO, Paul Marsolan. “Together with T-Mobile, we’re able to merge analytics and operations to put rich, real-time decision-making data to work for our customers.”

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