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Medical Equipment Businesses Are leading The Internet Of Things Charge

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According to our research, Johnson & Johnson and Abbott are among the corporations most positioned to profit from potential Internet of Things disruption in the medical device industry.

GlobalData’s Thematic Research ecosystem assesses firms on a scale of one to five based on their ability to overcome problems like the Internet of Things and emerge as long-term winners in the medical devices market.

According to our research, Johnson & Johnson, Abbott, GE, DexCom, Apple, Baxter, Omron, Siemens Healthineers, and Biotronik are the companies best positioned to gain from Internet of Things initiatives, scoring five out of five on GlobalData’s Medical Devices Thematic Scorecard.

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The chart below illustrates how GlobalData analysts graded the top medical device firms on their Internet of Things performance, as well as the number of new Internet of Things jobs, deals, and patents they’ve created since May 2021.

The final column in the table shows that company’s total score in terms of their current Internet of Things position in comparison to their peers. Companies with a score of five are dominant players in this field, while those with a score of less than three are at risk of being left behind. These are fairly simple to understand.

The table’s other data points are more subtle, displaying recent Internet of Things investment in a variety of areas during the past year. These measures, when available, indicate if Internet of Things is now on executives’ minds, but high numbers in these categories are just as likely to reflect desperate attempts to catch up as actual Internet of Things strength.

A high number of mergers and acquisitions, for example, could suggest that a company is dominating the market or that it is employing M&A to fill in holes in its portfolio.

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