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Healthcare App Protects Patient’s Biometric Information On Mobile Devices

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Mobile app security innovator Blue Cedar is offering its code-injection technology to enhance mobile app protection for a wearable healthcare biosensor ‘VitalPatch’ from MediBioSense. The technology will protect ‘VitalPatch app’ on mobile phones and tablets, to protect critical patient information in transit to the cloud.

Blue Cedar teams with MediBioSense to protect patient’s biometric information on mobile devices.

VitalPatch is a unique wearable biosensor that attaches to a patient’s chest. VitalPatch detects and delivers key vital signs and biometric measurements, including heart and respiratory rate, single lead ECG, and skin temperature, and then transmits the data to a mobile device before transmission and storage in the cloud.

This will ensure that patients’ data is secured at all times and that their privacy needs are met consistently, the company said.

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“Blue Cedar will help MediBioSense secure all real-time data flowing from the VitalPatch app to any recipient database—be it a hospital database that preserves a patient’s electronic health record upon discharge, a medical trial database, or a database in the cloud. “For the first time, we’re enabling their solution to securely go anywhere and everywhere, while still maintaining the highest standards of data protection”, the company explained.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the pan-European data-protection law slated to take effect in May 2018, applies to European Union residents and to organizations worldwide that collect or process EU citizens’ personal data. It will require mobile enterprises to show what data is gathered, where it is stored, and how it will be safeguarded.

The Blue Cedar-protected healthcare app will be available directly from MediBioSense.

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