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Plug & Play Industrial IoT Kit Monitors Machine Conditions

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Bosch and Harting pool their expertise to offer a Plug & Play industrial IoT kit that allows digital condition monitoring of any kind of machinery, extremely quickly and using very few movements.

Digital condition monitoring based on physical measurements (such as temperature or vibration) is an efficient method for continuously monitoring and improving availability and reducing the downtimes for machines and facilities. This method enables any changes in machine behavior to be detected and the appropriate actions to be taken.

The MICA CISS Industrial IoT Kit now provides an IIoT solution that can be installed in a few hours which delivers initial data immediately. The kit consists of the multi-sensor unit CISS (Connected Industrial Sensor Solution) from Bosch and the MICA Edge Computing System from HARTING.

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Only a few steps are necessary to start the application. The small CISS sensor unit can be attached to any surface (IP54) and detects up to eight physical factors including temperature, humidity, vibration, change of position, pressure, light, magnetic field and acoustics.

The robust MICA mini-computer can also be installed right next to the machine (IP67). A control cabinet is not necessary. MICA is connected to the sensor unit and the local network via industry standard connectors. Immediately after startup, the sensor data is provided in MQTT format and displayed in the web browser via the integrated Node-RED dashboard. Data can basically be analysed and stored in any IT systems or IoT platforms. A connector for Microsoft Azure Cloud is already pre-installed. Local data storage is also possible: MICA can be supplemented with various database software for this purpose.

Functions and advantages at a glance

  • Short-term diagnostics or permanent condition monitoring
  • Initial data available within a few hours
  • Easy to operate in industrial environments
  • Your choice of data processing and visualization methods
  • Extend the condition monitoring at any time
  • Customized adjustments to match your requirements

Plug-and-Play condition monitoring in one package

  • MICA USB with preconfigured software
    BOSCH Connected Industrial Sensor Solution (CISS
  • Power supplied with PoE injector
  • Ethernet cable for connecting between the MICA and PoE injector

The kit comes with IP54 protection and is available on the market. For further information, click here.


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