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LoRA-based Solutions Intelligently Monitor Industrial Applications

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The new Advantech solutions leverage LoRa Technology to maximize monitoring efficiency and overall productivity in remote areas and harsh environments

Advantech has launched new LoRa-based nodes and gateways ideal to intelligently monitor industrial applications in remote areas and harsh environments where its difficult to replace or rewire existing devices.

The Wzzard LRPv2 LoRa WAN node and SmartSwarm 243 gateway are both integrated with Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless RF technology (LoRa Technology). Semtech’s LoRa Technology offers long-range, low-power capabilities for next- generation IoT applications and vertical markets including Smart City, Smart Building, Smart Agriculture, Smart Metering, and Smart Supply Chain and Logistics.

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Advantech expands LoRaWAN portfolio

Based on Semtech’s LoRa Technology and the LoRaWAN open protocol, the Wzzard LRPv node is a highly-integrated sensing platform for applications ranging from I/O sensor data management to network protocol conversion.

The LoRa-based node can be utilized to form a private sensor network, which will yield immediate dividends by cutting maintenance costs while increasing overall productivity.

With its rugged design, the gateway, SmartSwarm 243, can be installed in remote areas and harsh environments, according to the firm.

“Advantech’s LRPv series make it possible to place sensors and Internet gateways in locations where AC power or wired Ethernet is unavailable. The high flexibility of the dual power-saving modes and alarm system can minimize costs by conserving power, and detecting potential failures and preventing shutdowns,” said Alpha Chen, Vice president of iConnectivity Group at Advantech.

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