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Industrial-grade IoT Platform Supports AWS Greengrass

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Express Logic’s X-Ware IoT Platform brings industrial-grade performance and connectivity to AWS Greengrass 

Express Logic has integrated its X-Ware IoT Platform using the popular ThreadX RTOS with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Greengrass software, extending the current direct X-Ware IoT Platform support for AWS. X-Ware IoT Platform will now allow AWS Greengrass customers to quickly and easily develop devices and applications that connect to and are managed by AWS Services. The company noted that the X-Ware IoT Platform will provide the performance, safety, and security requirements that AWS Greengrass embedded developers require.

“Cloud-networked IoT devices on the edge require reliable, safe, and secure connectivity all within a limited amount of memory and processing power,” said William E. Lamie, President, Express Logic. “By utilizing the Industrial Grade X-Ware IoT Platform, AWS Greengrass customers can for the first time easily build, deploy, and connect billions of devices with confidence”.

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X-Ware IoT Platform for Commercial IoT Devices on the Edge

X-Ware IoT Platform features Express Logic’s high-performance ThreadX RTOS which has more than 6.2 billion deployments, as certified by VDC Research.

“ThreadX RTOS features a small footprint, high performance, and advanced features, all designed and developed to be easy to use. ThreadX boasts a miniscule 2kb instruction area and 1kb RAM minimal footprint and exercises submicrosecond context switching, yielding speeds on popular microprocessors that are significantly faster than most RTOSes on the market today. In addition, ThreadX provides embedded developers with priority-based preemptive scheduling, preemption-threshold scheduling, real-time event trace, downloadable memory-protected application modules, and full determinism, all accessible through a highly intuitive API”, the company stated in the announcement.

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