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Wireless Logic announces Network For Things ‘Conexa’

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Wireless Logic Group, an IoT connectivity platform provider recently announced the launch of Conexa, a carrier-grade mobile network built specifically for the IoT. The company said it is designed to provide secure, resilient and flexible connectivity for companies deploying IoT devices and applications.

Conexa provides a suite of connectivity solutions, network control and security services for global, national and regional deployments and is built over an ecosystem of mobile network operators (MNOs). It provides single or multi-network options and commercial models suited to both low and high data use according to application type.

“Mobile networks, and the infrastructure around them, were largely developed before the IoT existed, at a time when only the voice and data needs of people needed to be met. The IoT has particular requirements and for it to continue to grow, innovate and thrive, companies need a simple way to deploy and manage their solutions. That requires specific on-SIM, on-device and core network IoT services,” said Oliver Tucker, Co-Founder and CEO, Wireless Logic.

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It is a GSMA-certified and designed to meet the procurement, manufacturing, and logistics challenges that IoT companies face, providing flexible and scalable implementation, integration and day-to-day operation.

Advanced on-SIM applications, distributed networking, real time controls and cloud integration simplify deployments. Unique on-SIM control functions detect and initiate fail-over, as required, to alternative radio and core network infrastructure to protect mission critical applications. The new cellular network will offer a single SIM for global deployments, reducing complexity and helping to address the changing needs of the IoT.

It features security which can be enhanced through on-SIM security applications and network protection features including IMEI locking, white or blacklisting, and private APN and VPN.


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