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Raspberry Pi Gate Opener Opens Gate With ‘Few Lines Of Code’

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Technologist Jeremy Gillula has launched an open source gadget that allows to open gate from anywhere. This gadget allows to connect a 300 MHz, 10 dip-switch remote gate opener to a Raspberry Pi that can open a gate with just a few lines of code.

“It connects directly to an off-the-shelf gate opener remote (sold separately) and uses a 5V relay for triggering the gate opener and a voltage conversion circuit for powering the gate opener (replacing the gate opener’s battery). It requires only 5V power, ground, and a single GPIO pin from your Raspberry Pi.”

Gillula says, “one could use Raspberry Pi Zero or different Raspberry Pi or an Arduino or ESP8266 just as easily, but only have to make some minor modifications.” He has explained through a sample code for controlling the gate opener over MQTT and Home Assistant.

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The control circuit specifically serves two purposes – for powering and triggering the remote. He had also included a set of instructions in his tutorial to finish assembly of the controller circuit.

Gillula has released the design files under AGPL License 3.0, with Fritzing schematic file and PCB layout available on the project’s GitHub repository.

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