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New MSSP Program To Deliver Security Services for OT and IoT

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Nozomi Networks has launched its MSSP (managed security service provider) Elite Program for OT and IoT managed security services.The program is designed to equip MSSPs with Nozomi Networks’ OT and IoT cybersecurity solutions, expertise and selling resources.

The company said it enables MSSPs to generate additional revenue through new lines of business, while giving customers greater flexibility and maximum value when it comes to strengthening their OT security postures and balancing resource requirements.

Operational asset management is making its way to the Security Operations Centre (SOC) and customers are turning to MSSPs for comprehensive IT and OT managed threat detection and response (MTDR) and platform management, the company states.

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Recognising this, Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Elite Program enables partners to operationalise, maintain and optimise OT and IoT security services.

According to the company, Nozomi Networks’ MSSP Elite Program moves beyond basic OT and IoT security integrations to support MSSP partners to effectively integrate, sell and support Nozomi Networks’ solutions as part of a full managed services offering for the customer.

Specialised training and certifications ensure partners are fully qualified to support customers with deep network visibility, advanced monitoring, and actionable threat intelligence for the best possible incident response.

MSSPs who participate in the program also have access to resources to further develop their industrial security expertise, grow their MSSP practice, expand their portfolio of services, and increase customer satisfaction.

Further, MSSPs can incorporate the company’s full suite of cloud-based and on premises solutions and manage them on behalf of their customers.

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