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AT&T, Kigen Bring SIM Flexibility to Cellular IoT Devices

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AT&T and Kigen are partnering to help customers streamline supply chains and reduce the time to market for enterprises who want to leverage SIM, embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) secured connectivity deep in their IoT devices.

Kigen’s SIM OS, data generation and key management services will allow AT&T to offer a broader selection for integrated SIM solutions, the company noted. Manufacturers will get more flexibility by sourcing AT&T SIM at the stage of the device manufacturing process that best suits the customer. This might be at the point of contract manufacturing, module supply, or even at the chipset level by leveraging an integrated SIM and merging both chip and SIM into a single component.

Reducing complexity and accelerating time to market will attract new customers that are embarking on their cellular IoT transformation, or those that are accelerating the adoption of secure connected goods and bringing them to market sooner as a result of streamlining the chipset and SIM evaluation process.

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Prior to this, device manufacturers had to purchase multiple SIM SKUs for each end-customer or market, which has complicated global product rollouts. Access to a new cache of SIMs that are compatible with cellular chipsets and secure IC vendors offers additional flexibility that results in supply chain optimisation. This streamlined approach also simplifies the manufacturing process by allowing suppliers, OEMs and licensees to identify the ideal SIM solution earlier in the design process, meaning device estates can scale sooner upon deployment, the company said in a release. 

Kigen’s SIM OS, data generation, and key management services will enable access to AT&T’s Network across LTE, LTE-M, and NB-IoT technologies.

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