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‘New’ Intelligent IoT Platform Launched for Smarter Analytics

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Mavenir, the network software provider announced the commercial availability of its Intelligent IoT Platform (IIoTP). The solution applies artificial intelligence (AI) to data streams from IoT sensors, enabling enterprises and communication service providers (CSPs) to gain instant insights and actionable intelligence.

As the demand for IoT applications increase with the rollout of 5G networks, a large number and variety of sensors can now be deployed. Such sensors are generating huge amounts of data, which require near real time analysis with very low latency to derive actionable insights. The use of AI and analytics at scale has become of imperative importance.

According to Mavenir, its IIoTP can be deployed independently or in conjunction with the its Intelligent Video Application (IVA) and other AI applications, on any cloud or on-prem hardware. It is said to integrate with a variety of sensors including 2G/3G/4G/5G that can be deployed on various networks including cellular and Wi-Fi.

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“With the continued explosion of 5G devices coming online, platforms like Mavenir’s IIoTP are designed to converge hardware stacks and common software frameworks to provide CSPs with intelligent, optimized insights that can be offered to enterprise users for real-world IoT initiatives,” said Aniruddho Basu, executive vp, Mavenir.

The platform provides the scalability to support large number of sensors and the flexibility to configure a variety of sensors. The events can be integrated with down-stream interfaces for end-to-end realisation of variety of use cases. The processing can be split between the edge cloud and the centralised cloud to realise low latency and reduced data bandwidth needs.

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