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Datadog Acquires Real-Time Collaboration Platform CoScreen

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Datadog, Inc., the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, announced it has acquired CoScreen, the collaboration platform for technical teams.

This acquisition is said to bring new capabilities to the Datadog platform that help engineers share their screens and work together during incident and security response, pair programming, prototyping, debugging and other activities in an integrated, joint workspace.

Engineers often collaborate with each other over code, commands in terminal windows and data on dashboards. CoScreen is built specifically for the daily workflows of engineers and enables active collaboration by allowing many users to simultaneously share and control apps with their team.

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“CoScreen’s real-time communication capabilities helps our customers bring distributed teams closer together and move forward with in-product collaboration. The end result is higher developer productivity, faster incident response and reduced mean time to resolution,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, senior vp at Datadog.

“Engineering and agile teams are most effective when they have a shared sense of belonging and context—this is true whether team members are colocated in an office or working remotely hundreds of miles apart,” said Till Pieper, CEO of CoScreen.

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