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Ivanti Acquires IIoT Platform From WIIO Group To Automate Workflow

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Ivanti Wavelink, the supply chain business unit of Ivanti, today announced it has acquired an industrial internet of things (IIoT) platform owned by the WIIO Group, one of Ivanti Wavelink’s innovative technology and channel partners based in Paris, France. This platform acquisition is said to enable customers to get complete view of their IIoT equipment, proactively identify and remediate issues, and build scalable applications that drive operational efficiency. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Ivanti Wavelink is acquiring the technology to further enable and secure the supply chain of the future. Observing the constantly evolving supply chains, the company said, modern warehouses and distribution centres feature state-of-the-art smart devices, including smart conveyors, sensors, cameras, robots and cobots. The interconnections between all these devices and technologies can be complex, expensive, and sometimes risky. “Through this acquisition, Ivanti Wavelink customers will be able to easily cross-connect applications with new systems, with low technical gap, and rapidly automate their IIoT hardware and warehouse processes to optimise workflow operations,” reads an official statement.

Ivanti said its customers will also be able to create low code or no code applications that automate or enhance many of their processes, as well as deliver completely new capabilities. Most importantly, the high-level abstraction of the solution will allow customers to add and replace technology layers without impacting the chain of events in place. Customers will be able to integrate these innovative IIoT applications into their existing operations easily and driving performance improvements and operational efficiency. The platform increases customers’ agility to make accurate decisions, helps them collect data for blockchain strategy and facilitates predictive analysis.

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“There is growing demand by enterprises across all verticals to ensure that their supply chain operations are at peak efficiency,” said Brandon Black, vice president and general manager of Ivanti Wavelink.

“With real-time actionable intelligence into their supply chain operations and predictive analysis, customers will be able to drive performance improvements by integrating IIoT sensors and automation technologies in astonishing ways,” said Fabien Dupuis, CEO of WIIO.

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