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IotaComm Launches Beta Version of its IoT Platform Delphi360

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Iota Communications, Inc, a wireless communication and data analytics software company, today announced the launch of the beta version of their new Internet of Things product platform, Delphi360.

The company said Delphi360 was designed to deliver data-driven insights to commercial and industrial facility managers. Sensors, gateways and machines communicate data over a LoRaWAN low power wide area network (LPWAN) to a cloud or local database. Additionally, Delphi360 can connect to external sources of data, such as weather, outdoor air conditions, social or other external sources.

These combined data sets are then analysed to uncover critical insights that can increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve health and safety for customers. The insights are delivered to users via an interactive dashboard for further analysis, visualisation, and monitoring. Delphi360’s value comes from its ability to deliver actionable insights at a low cost combined with superior customer service.

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According to a company statement, beta version will be available to existing customers first and the official launch for new customers is set for September 1. Delphi360’s initial solutions are focused on Indoor Environmental Quality Monitoring which includes Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Room Occupancy sensing capabilities.

“Adopting LoRaWAN as the communication protocol and system architecture for Delphi360 has been a real game changer tremendously accelerating our product development cycle and allowing our platform to integrate with the ever-growing ecosystem of LoRaWAN sensors and devices” he added.


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