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IOE Corp Unveils ‘New’ Technology to Relieve Process From Centralised Cloud

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Internet of Everything Corp is building on its new approach to IoT, which relieves the process from centralised (Cloud) solutions and setting it in the source with the EDEN System.

“The beauty of EDEN is that now, instead of just having programs running on servers, we now have intelligent clusters out there, where a single service runs on gossamer threads over many sources and creates a new sort of service at the edge and in the fog,” says IoE Corp’s lead product architect, Mattias Bergstrom.

Eden is a private online Edge Cluster developed around a sustainable computing core.

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According to the firm, at present, centralised computing solutions, i.e., Cloud Service Providers, are facing issues concerning data generated by IoT devices/sensors onsite traveling to centralised units to be stored, analysed, processed, and delivered back.

Resulting in data not happening in real-time, the risks of data breaches by cybercriminals, as well as IoT devices not being autonomous.

IoE Corp is said to solve these core challenges through the Eden system. “The business model is tested and verified as we are going for a standard SaaS model,” says IoE Corp’s CEO, Chris Bijou.



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