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Google Announces Distributed Cloud

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Google announced Google Distributed Cloud, a set of hardware and software solutions to extend Google infrastructure to the edge and customer data centres.

Depending on organisation’s needs, user can run Google Distributed Cloud across multiple locations, including Google’s network edge, operator edge, customer edge and customer data centres.

The first products released are Google Distributed Cloud Edge, available in preview to run 5G core and radio access network functions at the edge, and Google Distributed Cloud Hosted, a service that does not require connectivity to Google Cloud to manage infrastructure or APIs.

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Google Distributed Cloud is built on Anthos, an open-source-based platform that unifies the management of infrastructure and applications across on-premises, edge, and in multiple public clouds.

Google Distributed Cloud Edge builds on our telecommunication solutions and empowers CSPs to run workloads on Intel and NVIDIA technologies to deliver new 5G and edge use cases. Google Distributed Cloud Edge also allows ISV and network functions partners, application developers, and data scientists to deliver innovation and scale quickly and efficiently, writes Sachin Gupta, GM and VP of product for IaaS at Google in the company blog.

According to the company, this ideal for running local data processing, low-latency edge compute workloads, modernising on-premises environments, and deploying private 5G/LTE solutions across a variety of industries.

With Google Distributed Cloud Edge, retailers can provision applications at a Google network location, which allows in-store teams to focus on customers rather than sorting out IT. Manufacturers can save time and money by using video for visual inspections on factory floors, and CSPs can offer high-speed bandwidth with private 5G and localized compute to their customers.


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