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AutomationEdge Launches COVID-19 Crisis Response AppBots

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  • AutomationEdge has released two free crisis response apps to fight COVID-19
  • The Self-Report app, as the company informed, enables employees to notify employers of their health status
  • The Outreach app notifies employees of emergency situations and collects updates on their status

AutomationEdge, a Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product company has successfully released two COVID-19 crisis response AppBots to fight against the pandemic. These AppBots use RPA technology, enabling employees to notify their employers about their health status.

“As the coronavirus continues to infect more people, the key to prevent its further transmission, enhance collaboration and effectiveness would be to equip the organization with more data and patterns related to its staff, and that’s what these apps are built to deliver. A well-informed citizen, employee or employer can fight against such pandemics effectively,” said Uday Birajdar, CEO & Co-founder, AutomationEdge.

Coping with work from home

The unpredictability of the Coronavirus pandemic has many organizations taking a critical look at fighting the pandemic by trying to track confirmed and potential cases among their employees so that they can take proactive measures and keep everyone safe. The organizations keeping track of who among their staff has symptoms or has tested positive, and how they are coping with work from home quickly can become a logistical nightmare.

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“COVID-19 Self Report AppBot simply asks all employees to self-report their health symptoms and status to their employer at regular intervals. This app also helps employees report any other issue which they are facing while working remotely,” read an official statement released by Automation Edge.

It continued, “COVID-19 Outreach AppBot leverages the AutomationEdge Platform to help companies connect with employees to assess the impact. Employers can reach out by email to provide information and safety measures and request a response to confirm if employees are safe and where they are located.”

This application is hosted on the AutomationEdge RPA Cloud in Amazon. Both these AppBots are free for one year and available with a responsive app on the web and phone.

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