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Amazon launches AWS IoT RoboRunner to Support Robotics Apps

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Amazon launched its new robotics service AWS IoT RoboRunner designed to make it easier for enterprises to build and deploy applications that help fleets of robots work together. The company also announced an incubator program AWS Robotics Startup Accelerator in collaboration with MassRobotics to clear challenges in automation and IIoT.

AWS IoT RoboRunner lets the user connect robots and work management systems, enabling to orchestrate work across operation through a single system view. It provides infrastructure for integrating robots with work management systems and building robotics fleet management applications.

This new service builds on the same technology used in Amazon fulfilment centres, and now we are excited to make it available to all developers to build advanced robotics applications for their businesses, Amazon said in its blog.

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To enable a single-system view of the robots, status of the systems, and progress of tasks on the same interface, AWS IoT RoboRunner provides APIs that let you build a user application. AWS IoT RoboRunner provides sample applications for allocating tasks to robot fleets so that you can get started quickly. User can customise the task allocation code with business requirements that align to your use case.

AWS IoT RoboRunner provides a central data repository for storing and using data from different robot management systems and enterprise management systems. Once robots are connected, developers can use sample applications and software development libraries to build management applications on top of the centralised data repository. AWS IoT RoboRunner can be used to build complex management applications that require robot interoperability.

AWS IoT RoboRunner is now available in public preview, and users can start using them today in the US East (N. Virginia) and Europe (Frankfrut) Regions. There will be no additional cost to use this feature during the preview period.





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