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WISeKey MegaSync will Increase IoT Security Integration for Appliances and Electronics

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The MegaSync Initiative from WISeKey International Holding Ltd is a unique partnership program designed to provide increased IoT security integration for appliances and electronics. The Initiative is backed by WISeKey’s IoT Patent portfolio of 46 IoT patent families and its Cryptographic RootKey Digital Identification patents.

For WISeKey, it is important to ensure that the company remains a major player in cybersecurity and IoT for years to come. WISeKey’s platform integrates unique technology that is differentiated, protected and hard to reproduce based on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations. This is a key market differentiator of WISeKey from competition.

WISeKey’s patents cover a range of technologies for IoT and Semiconductors, particularly those that help make enterprise-level computing services more trusted, reliable and secure. This new capability will enable authenticated sensor data. Currently, most IoT devices are not built with embedded secure systems, which makes these devices vulnerable to exploits. By integrating AI into the IoT hardware and platform, objects connected to the Vertical Platform can develop their own cybersecurity behavior and make smarter and safer decisions.  Read more…

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