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Water Cooling Your Raspberry PI 3?

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Water cool
Water cooling and conventional heat sink temperature readings and comparison

Interestingly, there is a debate surrounding Raspberry Pi Water Cooling system. A group of debaters say that Overclocking the Pi that to a point where it would requires water cooling is pointless; stating the fact the kits costs more than the board itself. Overclocking a CPU depends on various factors such as heat sink size, coolant type, and even the manufacturer of memory chip.

In another version, one of the user said that there is no way one can overclock the Pi enough to require cooling and 5W of heat need not even have a heat sink. There is nothing to worry and no need to install a water cooling system.

Contrary to all this, results from the graphical representation shown here say that this cooling methodology does work wonders against the normal heat sinks installed over the processor, while analyzing performance and the user may be able to run IoT projects while harboring more efficiency and swift results . Care to share?

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