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Temperature Data Logger For Cold Chain Monitoring

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Temperature data loggers are used to monitor even a slight shift in temperature to protect pharmaceuticals in cold-chain. A new data logger from Swiss startup AG helps to provide data integrity for pharmaceutical supply chains using Blockchain technology. To defend connected cars, Panasonic’s latest technology works like antivirus on a computer, by detecting and simultaneously preventing attacks in real-time. FCI has selected IAR Embedded Workbench as a toolchain of choice for its low-power Wi-Fi chip FC9000 to get a good balance of execution speed, code size, and power consumption for IoT products integrating the chip.

Blockchain-based Bluetooth Data Logger For Cold Chain Monitoring

A blockchain-enabled temperature and acceleration logger from Swiss startup employs Nordic’s nRF52832 SoC to provide data integrity for pharmaceutical supply chains using Blockchain technology. The device offers logistics companies an end-to-end cold chain monitoring and tracking solution for pharmaceutical supply chain applications. The data logger is powered by Nordic’s power-efficient Bluetooth chip which offers the data-logger six weeks of continuous operation. The chip also features a large Flash memory for data storage. The logger’s data can be queried at any time without opening the package, leveraging BLE connectivity. Upon receipt of the package, the receiver can download the data via the Modum app on their Bluetooth 4.2 (and later) smartphone or tablet using either Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth LE wireless connectivity. Read more.

Automotive Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems

Panasonic is taking the security of connected cars seriously and has developed an ‘automotive intrusion detection and prevention system’ to protect autonomous and connected cars from cyberthreats. The newly developed system is hoped to ensure safe driving by detecting the intrusion of attacks and viruses to the vehicle system due to cyber-attacks and discarding and disabling them using the prevention system. Read more.

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IAR Embedded Workbench Claimed As A Preferred Toolchain For New Low-power Wi-Fi IoT Chip

To boost the development of battery-powered connected IoT products with long battery life, IAR Systems announced it has been selected by FCI as the preferred tools vendor for FC9000, a new low-power Wi-Fi SoC. Using IAR Embedded Workbench as the toolchain of choice together with FC9000 provides a good balance of execution speed, code size, and power consumption for customers integrating FC9000 into their end product designs, according to FCI. Read more.


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  1. Bluetooth temperature sensors need to be turned into a real-time cold chain monitoring solution, so you can action on events in temperature-controlled logistics before it is too late. This is where the power of IoT comes in.


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