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TeamViewer IoT Solution for the Corporate Giants

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TeamViewer has announced the release of a new dedicated IoT solution and named it as TeamViewer IoT. This product incorporates remote control functionalities with monitoring capabilities. It has the ability to access and control IoT devices from anywhere around the world. TeamViewer IoT comes with support for Raspbian and is portable to other Linux distributions. It has end to end encryption, two factor authentication and TeamViewer’s Easy Access to meet the needs of upcoming industries.

The solution makes devices IoT ready in a short span of time along with monitoring, accessing and controlling them. Using a TeamViewer account, users can build the web-based dashboard and install the software on a Raspberry Pi platform. Also, TeamViewer provides an SDK and an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) API with the help of which the users can collect the relevant data and incorporate it in their dashboard. The dashboard offers a level of flexibility by providing the users the choice to tailor their widgets according to their needs. It will trigger an alert when a critical metrics threshold has been crossed. The integration of the TeamViewer IoT data can be done with the help of Cloud REST (Representational State Transfer) API.

In industrial applications, it allows the production managers and equipment suppliers to increase machine productivity, monitor operational efficiency and execute preventive maintenance. Moreover, it can be deployed with Smart Building technologies for keeping a check on the energy usage, space usage and long-term capacity planning. TeamViewer IoT will be beneficial for value added resellers and system integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Direct TeamViewer customers.

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“TeamViewer IoT marks a significant milestone in the expansion of our product portfolio. Featuring the same level of usability, comfort and security as our flagship product TeamViewer IoT addresses a critical need in the growing IoT market: an affordable, and easy-to-deploy IoT device management solution. Through its unique combination of secure remote access and monitoring capabilities for diverse IoT devices, TeamViewer IoT helps to deliver the benefits of device connectivity to a variety of industries and use cases. We are extremely proud of this product and will continue to enhance its possibilities by integrating additional IoT platforms quickly, ” said Raffi M. Kassarjian, General Manager Emerging Products Group at TeamViewer.

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