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System-on-Chip to Provide Innovation, Security to IOT Devices

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In order to drive IoT innovations with built-in security and better connectivity, an Azure Sphere chip – MT3620 has been introduced, thanks to the initiative by Microsoft in association with MediaTek. Azure Sphere is the answer for building highly secured, connected Multipoint Control Devices (MCU) powered devices. It makes the enterprise level security affordable for a vast number of cloud connected devices.

This Azure Sphere Secure IOT platform supports numerous I/O peripheral subsystems for diverse IOT applications. A specialized chipset has been developed with a Wi-Fi connected controller built around a processor which is designed to run Azure’s IOT operating systems.

The chipset is embedded with highly reliable built-in security protocols, enabling customers to easily connect to their MCU powered products and devices across multiple industries with a trust that they are protected and secured.

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The major goal of this technology is to ensure the secured reliability in IOT solutions from chip to cloud, thereby making connected devices practically sale-able and manageable for enterprises and consumers. MT3620 has an Arm Cortex-A7 application processor operating up to 500MHz, integrated with SRAM for highly efficient operations over a wide range of applications.

Regardless of price surges, large enterprises are working towards a similar goal to provide highest level of embedded security to connected IOT devices. There are more than nine billion microcontroller devices cropping up in the market annually, making it mandatory for companies to introduce new devices that ensures a longer foothold in the ever evolving IOT market. A new ecosystem is being created comprising silicon vendors, original device and equipment manufacturers from a wide range of industries.

Connected devices all around the world will soon be a reality with the major drop in the cost of billions of MCU powered devices like household devices, health monitors, children toys and industry level equipment. With more points of connectivity more points of insecure loopholes crop up. Hence, the transition of standalone MCU devices to cloud connected MCUs is done considering the various vulnerabilities of connected devices.

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