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Smart Trash Collection Project

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Smart Trash Can project

The developer of the project introduces us to a rather unique innovation using Internet of things which is to monitor the usage trash in a smart trash can. The project has module equipped with an ultrasonic sensor interfaced with Arduino Mega 2560 for sensing the proximity of objects to the brim of trash can; while the trash can fills up. The communication mediums are Bluetooth and Wi-fi. The Developer uses XAMPP which is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. Using SQL database, data is stored onto the Laptop which now acts like a web server. Data analytics is being done using a simple graph chart that charts out the trash drop-in pattern and notifies the end user.

Importance of socially relevant IoT projects

In real world use-case for a smart-city, a command center could monitor the amount of trash in and around an area or city. The respective Municipal departments can optimise garbage pickup timings and  personnel required to send vehicles to pick up trash to designated places while cutting down on expenses of fuel and vehicle emission.  Another problem this project tackles is the quick replacement of trash can, in case they fill and overflow onto side ally’s or streets. This innovative idea would lead to reduced carbon footprint, lower green house gas emissions and cleaner cities in time.


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