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Smart glasses that connect to the cloud

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First-person augmented reality is finally here. The Vuzix Smart Glass M100 is apparently the world’s first, commercially-available, hands-free display and communications system that can link users to the Cloud. While the M100 is powerful enough to directly connect to the Internet and run applications, it can also connect with Android or iOS smart-phones to run a richer set of text, video, audio, maps, email, augmented reality applications, visual navigation, etc.


Inside: Optics engine that supports WQVGA colour 16×9 displays, diagonal 16-deree field of view, built-in OMAP 4 processor and graphics engine, fully-optimised Android 4.01, 4 GB memory, integrated button controls, integrated head tracker and GPS with three-degree of freedom head tracking for spatial and positional awareness, integrated compass and battery, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, noise reduction technologies, 1080p high-definition camera, uUSB connectivity for control, power and upgrade.

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