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Smart Environmental sensing by IoT

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Addressing media, Nokia shared that its IoT for Smart Cities framework can efficiently deliver and manage smart city services. From video surveillance, lighting, parking, waste management to environmental sensing the new services leave no opportunity untapped.
Aimed at addressing the needs of smart cities, Nokia has unveiled the block chain powered IoT.  The platform enables cross-application data sharing, analytics and automation.
The other service, Sensing as a Service, is expected to provide real-time environmental sensing that includes data and intelligent analytics, which operators can sell to cities and other authorities. In a way, technology is the primary infrastructure used to facilitate sustainable living.
Powered by blockchainm Nokia services boost privacy and security. The company shared that operators can utilise existing base station sites, with the company deploying sensors and integrating all available site equipment into an IoT real-time monitoring platform.
Nokia also launched S-MVNO (Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator) for Public Safety, which enables operators to leverage their commercial LTE networks to offer mission-critical broadband services to public safety agencies, and thus generate new revenue streams.
“Cities need to become digital in order to efficiently deliver services to their habitants,” said Asad Rizvi, head of global services business development at Nokia. “Smart infrastructure, which is shared, secure, and scalable, is needed to ensure urban assets and data are efficiently used.”
Nokia has also been testing blockchain technology in healthcare.
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