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Situational Intelligence can augment the decision-making process

Azure-based ML to provide Situational Intelligence to Bentley AssetWise Users.

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For AssetWise CONNECT Edition, Bentley Systems has announced the early access of new data science and machine learning (ML) capabilities. Powered by Microsoft Azure,  AssetWise users can now leverage ML.

It will be an extension of the embedded analytics already available within AssetWise operational analytics and Asset Reliability services. This will guide actions and provide early warnings of impending asset failure or operational issues that previously remained undetected.

Paving the way for smarter and faster ways to make data-driven decisions, AssetWise now also provides an elevated level of situational intelligence.

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Jim Newman, senior director of product management, Bentley Systems, said, “The new machine learning capabilities within AssetWise will allow our users to do even more with their data. Using a combination of R analysis, machine learning, and neural networks, our users can transform their business with the provision of comprehensive and advanced data analysis to help drive assets and operations to optimum performance.”

AssetWise users will better understand the patterns contained within their data, in less time. This new level of situational intelligence can augment the decision-making process for critical assets.

With the growth of operational data due to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), interpreting data and turning it into actionable information is critical. Bentley’s ML capabilities provide a new level of insight into your data. Early adopters of AssetWise ML have taken advantage of pre-selected template algorithms and adaptive models to help predict events with little or no human intervention.   Read more…

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