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Shop Right With Internet Of “Evrythng and Avery Dennison”

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The internet of things originated with an idea to integrate every device possible to the internet. The linkup happens to be the most fundamental point at which makes the whole difference. Earlier we used to think that only existing electronic gadgets would link up-to the internet, but now they are breaking the boundaries of limitations in physical world.

The potential of internet of things is vast. We are approaching an era where we need something like internet to integrate with our daily lives. To be precise, even clothing and apparels need internet of things now. What is trending now in the the IoT space is that “Evrythng” a leader in managing digital identity data for smart products and smart packaging is teaming up with Avery Dennison to engage brands and making information about products more understandable with their IoT based platforms.

The center of attraction in this story is that the customer is getting smarter. If you thought IoT itself is talking over your clothes and apparels you are wrong. They are not smart clothes but use your smartphone in a smarter way to shop. Just flip open your smartphone and flash it against any of your favorite brand. You will be enlightened with the history, details and all the associated details such as pricing, manufacturing date and all you can think about.

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The History:

The user can get access to the date of manufacture, the material, the distribution details and much more with just a scan of the object. This way they can filter out what suits their specific purposes and needs.

The Brand:

With real time information availability and authentication techniques, brands can gain loyalty of the customer. This helps fight the war against low quality and counterfeit goods circulating in the market

The Offers

There are thousands of offers in the market which go unnoticed often. Discount sales, the clearance sale are infact missed by many people who would like to avail them. what everything does is that they create customised alerts and notification which could be sent to the customers about any products. The APi’s in the customers phone will get the notifications from the cloud server and direct it to the customer with respect to the product being bought.

The Recommendations:

The consumers can get recommendations on what they should buy and the specific details that they should look out for while purchasing. Marketing of new products, tips,product launches, invitations for social causes and the value they offer; all will be at the customer’s field of vision.


All the details will be present in the digitized format. From Shoes to champagne, one can get his queries answered and become more aware about the products in market.

Avery Dennison and Evrythng are partnering to  create a unique ecosystem that engages the supply chain units and the customer as well. strategic partnerships such as these could harbor a positive disruption in a space where technology amalgamates with the real world. lets all welcome to the world where from now on the products will no longer be manufactured but born to be intelligent.

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