Smallest Licensing Solution For IoT Device Software Monetization


Gemalto has launched a secure licensing solution claimed to have the industry’s smallest footprint, for embedded software and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The new solution allows vendors to customize and reduce licensing footprint to as little as 6.5KB Flash and 1.5KB RAM.

Called Sentinel Fit, the solution offers a complete licensing and entitlement management solution to maximize monetization of software-based products, for even the smallest of IoT devices and intelligent machines.

“The solution features a modular architecture that allows vendors to customize and reduce the licensing footprint to as little as 6.5KB Flash and 1.5KB RAM, small enough to run on a Cortex-M processor, making it the smallest commercially licensing solution available today”, according to the firm.

“Equipment manufacturers with embedded software are aligning with trends like cloud, virtualization and the IoT and are in need of solutions to support their transition from hardware based business models to software based services and create new revenue streams,” says Shlomo Weiss, Senior Vice President, Software Monetization at Gemalto. “In addition to our existing range of commercial licensing solutions, Sentinel Fit, as the industry’s smallest secure commercial licensing solution, can support this transition and provide the flexibility to control software at the feature level, while providing the best monetization platform available today.”

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