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With the advent of IOT, we are drifting into an era of smart things. We started with smart phones, smart watches, then moved on to smart TVs, smart refrigerators, smart bulbs, smart electric meters, and combining them all together we now have smart homes. We also talk about smart traffic management, smart car parking, smart retail, smart healthcare, smart energy, smart industries, smart cities and may be a smart planet too.

But why is every ‘thing’ getting smart?
Is it just a marketing gimmick? Or things are really getting smart.


• Or Is it because of some small things which are getting smaller and smaller. The sensors. We now have accelerometers, gyroscopes, proximity sensors, humidity sensors, GPS location sensors, all in the size range of millimeters. A typical smartphone itself has about 10 sensors on an average. Is this proliferation of small-sized sensors, is what making things smart?


• Or is it because of some massive things, the servers, The cloud. Computing is becoming incredibly powerful day by day and its growing exponentially with more capacity, more performance, more capability and more change in the next 10 years than the last 50. Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Predictive & Prescriptive Intelligence all are possible because of these big machines. So can we say, The Cloud is making everything smart.

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A technology evangelist with wide range of agile experience, starting from the days of embedded systems, moving to web & object-oriented development, followed by cyber security and then to the latest trend of cloud computing & machine learning. Currently, holding the role of Alt. CISO for Electronics Corporation of India limited (ECIL), a Public Sector Enterprise under Department of Atomic Energy (DAE), Government of India. He is accountable & responsible for security strategy planning, policy implementation, management of risks & threats, independent compliance reviews and implementation of new security products & technologies. Some Accolades to his Arsenal: - Winner, Top 100 InfoSec Maestros Awards 2016 - Winner, Dynamic CISO Security Excellence Awards 2016 - Elite CISO Finalist, NullCon BlackShield Awards 2016 - IBM Blue Scholar 2012



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