Sand Reserves: Eliminating Conflicts, Protecting Ecology & Ushering Development with Effective Monitoring


IoT Solutions for Sustainable Mining

The SMART system leverages the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and the capabilities of intelligent platforms. The result is a robust IoT-enabled ‘ecosystem solution’ that connects all levels of stakeholders in the movement of sand from source to destination. The district administration, transporters and consumers derive immense value by being part of this collaborative commerce ecosystem platform:

  • The district administration can prevent exploitation of sand by building a transparent cycle for excavating, stocking, distributing and tracking the movement of sand.
  • Enforcement agencies such as Regional Transport Office, Public Works Department, Police and other state agencies can make use of online tools and mobile apps to address on-the-go checks, redressal, and reporting.
  • Transporters can enjoy hassle-free logistics with IoT devices. This enables greater visibility on the movement of sand and builds trust with all stakeholders, reducing any chances of deviation or pilferage.
  • Consumers can make use of a comprehensive mobile app to gather information on sand sources, rates, transporters and delivery routes.

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Figure 1: t4u’s unique IoT technology solutions have transformed the conventional and manual sand administrative system into a transparent, simple and comprehensive digital experience that connects all stakeholders in the movement of sand from source to consumer destination.

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