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Raspberry Pi-powered Inventor’s Laptop Lets You Start With Amazing DIY Projects

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If you are a maker or a budding coder and want to create something unique and exciting, here’s how you can get hands-on with your computer science and electronics skills. A new Rapsbbery-Pi based laptop includes everything to get you started with amazing projects. Gigabit Ethernet in the car is getting into gear with KDPOF’s new transceiver for car makers. Finally, Laird is helping OEM customers leverage enhanced throughputs and security benefits of the Bluetooth v4.2 in their end devices with new Class 1 HCI modules.

A new Raspberry-Pi Laptop For Budding Makers

To allow Raspberry Pi tinkerers and budding coders experiment with a variety of interesting projects, a new version of the modular Rapsberry-Pi laptop (Pi-top), has been revealed. To invent new things, this Rapberry-Pi 3 based laptop has everything including an impressive sliding keyboard panel, a 14-inch 1080p display, a power source, a battery slated to offer up to eight hours of use between charges and an 8GB SD card. Furthermore, the Pi-top also includes an Inventor’s Kit to allow inventers and young learners to be inspired by STEAM-based learning. Unlike other laptops, students can access the internals and play with them, enabling them to explore computer science and basic electronics. The price is $319.99 including a a Raspberry Pi 3, or $284.99 without. Read more.

HCI modules Updated With Bluetooth v4.2 Dual-mode Connectivity

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Laird has announced Bluetooth-qualified Class 1 HCI modules for rapid enablement of Bluetooth technology into OEM devices. The BT850, BT851, and BT860 series adds support for the Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR/LE core specification in Classic Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).  The BT850 and BT860 series provide more options for OEM customers through enhanced throughputs and security benefits in the Bluetooth v4.2 specification. Read more.

Gigabit Ethernet Connectivity In Cars Gets Into Gear

Making automotive gigabit Ethernet over POF (plastic optical fiber) a reality, KDPOF is shipping samples of the first automotive-grade Gigabit Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fibres (GEPOF) transceiver to car makers. Automotive applications of the KD1053 include 100Mbps and 1Gbps Ethernet links such as battery management systems (BMS), inter-domain communications backbones, antenna hubs, autonomous driving, and ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) with surround view. To allow users start designing fast and easy, the firm also offers comprehensive support such as application notes, reference design, evaluation boards and kits. Read more.


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